Age is one of the few constant things in the universe. The effects it can have upon your skin, such as sagging and wrinkles, will happen with enough time. Fixing these inevitable effects to look younger is the goal of countless people, but it has traditionally required painful and invasive procedures, like facelifts. Even less painful procedures like chemical peels can leave your skin looking odd for more than a few days before you start to see clearer, tighter skin.

The good news is that there is a simple and effective way to stem the tide of aging. Micro-needling offers a method to rejuvenate your skin in a non-invasive way that simply coerces your body’s natural processes to work harder.

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling can be considered a type of dermabrasion. It utilizes microscopic mechanisms to affect the skin so that the body begins to remove the dead cells while replacing them with healthy skin cells. When the micro-needling goes deep enough to affect the collagen layers, this allows old collagen structures to be removed while new, firmer structures are created. This results in the disappearance of minor wrinkles, fine lines and other imperfections.

Similar effects can happen in the upper layers of the skin. Scars and age spots can be broken down and removed by the body, which in turn results in a smoother and clearer appearance.

Why Might You Choose to Undergo Micro-Needling Treatments?

There is a long list of reasons that our patients prefer micro-needling over other types of treatments. Some of the reasons you might prefer micro-needling include:

  • Convenience – Micro-needling sessions can generally be performed in the span of 20 minutes to an hour. The treatment itself has been reported to be relaxing.
  • Few side effects – The side effects most patients will experience are limited to slight tenderness and redness at the treatment site. These side effects should subside within one to two days.
  • Non-invasive skin rejuvenation – Unlike other types of skin rejuvenation procedures, micro-needling does not require surgery. The recovery associated with it is minimal, which means that your daily routine will not be altered.
  • Correcting deeper imperfections – Micro-needling’s ability to treat wrinkles, fine lines and other collagen-specific imperfections makes it a favorite for people concerned about keeping their skin youthful in ways that look and feel natural.

To learn more about micro-needling, or to see if you are an ideal candidate for this non-invasive procedure, set up a consultation at Advanced Wellness Institute in Columbus. We proudly serve the Hendersonville, Spartanburg and surrounding areas. We can help you determine the most effective and convenient skin rejuvenation treatment plan for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.