At Advanced Wellness Institute, one of our specialties is patient-centered, family-oriented primary care services and wound care to help maintain the health and wellness of you and your family.

Located in Columbus, North Carolina, Advanced Wellness Institute is led by Dr. Lonnie LassiterContact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how our primary care services and wound care can help keep patients of all ages healthy and active.  

What are Primary Care Services?

With 15 years in the Columbus area, Dr. Lassiter can provide several primary care services to patients of all ages, including:

  • Acute medical problems: Curative and preventative care for the onset of sudden illnesses and health concerns such as sprains and acute respiratory illnesses can be effectively diagnosed and treated by Dr. Lassiter and our medical team.
  • Chronic disease management: For patients who are experiencing chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, GERD, and arthritis, we can assess your individual condition and create a long-term treatment for the management of your symptoms.
  • School physicals: Students who require physicals for sports and other activities can have that service provided at our comfortable, family-friendly clinic.

Wound Care

Doctor Lassiter also provides full wound care services to patients who are experiencing diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, chronic edema, vascular ulcers, pressure sores, and burns. For diabetic ulcers and other conditions, Dr. Lassiter utilizes the proven benefits of hyperbaric medicine for quick, comfortable wound healing to help restore your health and mobility.

Typically, a wound that shows no significant signs of healing after two weeks and that has not healed on its own after six weeks should be evaluated by a medical professional. Contact us today for more information about scheduling a consultation and having your wounds professionally evaluated, diagnosed, and treated.  

Why Choose Primary Care Services at Advanced Wellness Institute?

From the moment you step into Advanced Wellness Institute, you become family. Our patient-centered and family-friendly office offers one-on-one, personalized care from Dr. Lassiter. The relaxed pace of our office allows you to discuss your concerns with our friendly medical team without feeling rushed, and Dr. Lassiter will create a treatment plan for you that is customized to your individual condition.

Contact Advanced Wellness Institute today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lassiter and find out how our primary care services can help maintain the health and wellness of your body for the long term.