DSIP (Delta sleep-inducing peptide) is a well-known neuromodulator and natural sleep-promoting nonapeptide with many other physiologic functions. It is typically found in the brain and easily passes the blood-brain barrier. It has been discovered and heavily studied for over 40 years.

DSIP has been described as a sleep-promoting substance rather than a sedative. There is a modulating effect on sleep and wake functions with greater activity in circumstances where sleep is disturbed. There are essentially 5 stages of sleep, these can be broken down into 2 categories REM and NREM sleep. These translate to Random Eye Movement and Non-Random Eye movement sleep. The problem with many sleep aids is that they change the time or duration of these sleep cycles. The problem with this is these cycles are ALL associated with important physiological processes and anabolic hormone production. DSIP does not change these sleep stages. It increases the ability to go to sleep and offers a more restful sleep.


  • Can restore disturbed sleep patterns
  • Can promote LH and GH release
  • Can reduce persistent/chronic pain
  • Can modulate cortisol production


Side effects: sleepiness


Should work the first time tried.  Usually works well.  Do not expect to use this in an ongoing fashion.  Use to establish healthy sleeping patterns then as needed.

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